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Let's create together

Let's create works together that tell a story! They will then become decorative elements of your public works, a calling card of your region, your locality, embellishing and embellishing your avenues, your roads, your streets, ...
By slowing down the traffic, making it more fluid, your roundabouts will then become places of life, and will thus have, above all, for vocation to preserve it.

Why a roundabout?

The regions have become highly urbanized, with new neighborhoods, denser residential areas, shops, crafts, etc., today we are transforming classic crossroads into roundabouts. Also, when the road network is new, we automatically build more roundabouts than before. It has a technical side, but it is also an arrangement with an ornamental pretext, allowing you to stand out from other localities, personalized and customizable as desired, beautiful, elegant, large, resistant to bad weather, thanks to its simple and intelligent design, …, Which will appeal to the greatest number, with a work-study program, highlighting the richness of your cultural life,…

Art must challenge and inspire, that is its objective.
Often those whose interest it arouses come to see it, to see it again, making your city known far beyond the place where it is located, beyond your geographical borders.

In order to better understand themany advantagesof the models offered and to understand their small footprint, we are at your disposal to meet you. We can then developtogether, on site, a roundabout project adapted to your wishes and your city, on the basis of your ideas and / or those of your colleagues from the municipal council and / or the town planning commission.

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