The problem

In Switzerland the traffic rules are contained in the “Federal Law on Road Traffic (LCR)” which is completed by the “Ordinances on road traffic rules (OCR)“.

Although these set rules concerning priorities at the entrance to a "roundabout", priorities when driving inside it and the obligations related to the use of indicators when changing lanes or leaving this type of intersection (Art.41b), nothing defines the position that should be adopted, particularly in a roundabout intersection with several traffic lanes, which creates a number of conflicting situations, everyone thinking they had the law on their side!

In an attempt to fill this apparent gap, the services responsible for traffic have defined a certain number of “recommendations” which therefore only have the value of recommendations but which are in line with European practice in this area. These recommendations identify in particular the behavior to adopt when driving in a roundabout with several lanes. As such, it is recommended to:

  • drive in the right lane as soon as your exit is in the right half of the intersection
  • drive in the left lane in other cases

A notable singularity is indicated in these rules of use when you drive on a two-lane road before entering a roundabout which itself has 2 lanes and whose road on which you enter at the exit of this Giratoie one-way intersection also has two lanes:

if you enter by driving in the left lane before the roundabout, you will continue to drive in the left lane inside it and will leave it, always staying on the left - insofar as you do not cross not clear the way to another vehicle during this manoeuvre. Concretely this means that if two vehicles are driving side by side when entering the roundabout and both have clearly indicated their intention to exit at the next exit, it is perfectly fine for them to continue driving side by side and exit same time of the crossroads with direction giratoie, one on the right lane, the other on the left lane!


Basic rules proposed by the TCS concerning driving in roundabouts

  • I slow down as I approach the roundabout
  • I give priority to any vehicle coming from the left, whether it has entered the roundabout or not. If I have enough time to enter the roundabout without interfering with the vehicle coming from the left, then I can do so.
  • I have to indicate my intention to leave the roundabout by putting on my turn signal, if possible immediately after the previous exit. As a cyclist, I wave.
  • I take care not to cut off the road to cyclists and mopeds when leaving the roundabout.
  • I also watch out for pedestrians when approaching and exiting the roundabout. If a pedestrian wants to cross a crosswalk, I have to stop.

      One of the best explanation

      To make it simple, we draw an imaginary line in the middle of it, as if to cut it in 2:

      • If the exit you want to take is in the right half, we will place ourselves in the right lane.
      • And you probably guessed it, if the exit you want to take is in the left half, we will place ourselves in the left lane !

      No matter the number of outings, it's always the same! 🙂

      Source : www.videopermis.com/bien-se-placer-dans-giratoire/

      Some explanatory videos