Basic rules for driving around roundabouts

  • I slow down as I approach the roundabout
  • I give priority to any vehicle coming from the left, whether it has entered the roundabout or not. If I have enough time to enter the roundabout without interfering with the vehicle coming from the left, then I can do so.
  • I have to indicate my intention to leave the roundabout by putting on my turn signal, if possible immediately after the previous exit. As a cyclist, I wave.
  • I take care not to cut off the road to cyclists and mopeds when leaving the roundabout.
  • I also watch out for pedestrians when approaching and exiting the roundabout. If a pedestrian wants to cross a crosswalk, I have to stop.

      One of the best explanation

      To make it simple, we draw an imaginary line in the middle of it, as if to cut it in 2:

      • If the exit you want to take is in the right half, we will be in the right lane.
      • And you probably guessed it, if the exit you want to take is in the left half, we'll go in the left lane !

      No matter the number of outings, it's always the same! 🙂

      Source : www.videopermis.com/bien-se-placer-dans-giratoire/

      Some explanatory videos